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Best Digital Magazine of the year Award by Lara Dutta - Dallas

The Beauty Global Network Magazine has won the Best Digital Magazine of the Year award at a ceremony in Dallas. The award was presented by Lara Dutta, an Indian actress, entrepreneur and the winner of the Miss Universe 2000 pageant, who acknowledged the hard work and dedication of Dr. Amber Jamal, the founder of the magazine.

The Beauty Global Network Magazine is a digital publication that focuses on beauty, lifestyle, business, and fashion. It has become a go-to source for people who want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in these industries.

Dr. Amber Jamal's vision and leadership have been instrumental in bringing the magazine to the forefront of the industry. She has worked tirelessly to shape the content and direction of the publication, making it a valuable resource for readers and advertisers alike.

In accepting the award, Dr. Jamal expressed her gratitude to Lara Dutta and the organizers of the ceremony for recognizing the hard work of everyone involved in the project. She also thanked her team for their tireless efforts to ensure that the magazine meets the highest standards of excellence.

Dr. Amber Jamal's leadership and commitment to providing readers with the best possible content have set a high standard for the industry. With the support of its readers and advertisers, the Beauty Global Network Magazine is poised to remain a leading voice in the world of beauty and lifestyle journalism for years to come.