Connecting people for a good cause!


Recently  I have realized the importance of self-love and awareness of your consciousness, is the best love which can easily be distinguished from being selfish. 


Self-love and loving others with pure intentions are two sides of the same coin. Self-love pushes ourselves to go out of our comfort zone and we start exploring ourself.


When we know who we are,   our awareness awakens our consciousness and we start emitting that energy to the outside world. Automatically world becomes your happier place and when you are happy, people around us get happier too. 


Travelling has given me time to look into my own self and made me realised we humans are a traveller and always have been. Learn to travel.



I also have started spending time in nature and started noticing the silent conversation of nature and found my trueself. Ultimately we humans are part of nature, the five elements, and we all are connected. love yourself and travel as much you can. And be a learner as ultimately it ends with you.


Choose things which uplift your soul. There are various ways to do it. I have found my ways which spark the light in me. There are numerous opportunities waiting for us. We just have to tap it in.


1. Meditate: Spend time with your own self. I always wake up at 4 am in the morning. It is the time when there is no disturbance and I sit with my eyes close and Meditate. You may also choose your own way of meditating.

2. Read: My most favourite time of the day is when I read. I love to gain awareness. Being a writer, reading gives me various perspectives to think.

3. Exercise: Our mind should be resting but our body should be moving that's when we get the optimum benefit. 

4. Spend time with your loved one's: we are social human beings. We accelerate in life when we spend time with our loved ones.

5. Search your passion and Follow it: I searched my passion. I found out I love writing and I love to connect with people through writing.  When we follow our passion, we accelerate in our life with our best potential.

Love yourself, ultimately it all ends with you.

Peace and light.

By -Meenakshi Sharma